Professional Conduct Complaints

This form should be completed by anyone who wishes to raise a complaint about the professional conduct of a solicitor or firm of solicitors on the Roll of Solicitors for Northern Ireland.

If you are seeking to raise a complaint about the adequacy of professional service provided to you by a solicitor or their firm please revert to the client complaint section of our website here - a separate complaint process is followed for the investigation of client complaints ie where you are complaining about the service provided by a solicitor you have instructed or employed.


Data Protection Notice
Please see the attached Privacy Policy which explains how the Society will store, collect and process your data.

1. Contact Details


2. Solicitor/Solicitor Firm Details

We can only investigate a complaint against a solicitor on the Roll of Solicitors for Northern Ireland

3. Summary of Complaint

Complaint Checklist

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Please set out your complaint below:
  • Provide a concise overview of the nature of your complaint including any applicable dates
  • Set out the alleged misconduct you wish to complain about
  • Provide any available copy documentation to support your complaint
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4. Your Agreement

  • I would like the Law Society of Northern Ireland to look into my complaint.
  • I understand that the Law Society may send a copy of my complaint form and related documentation to the solicitor for their comments.
  • I understand that details of my complaint will be made available to the Law Society’s Professional Conduct Committee, third parties such as agents of the Society and the Solicitor’s Disciplinary Tribunal.
  • I understand that if I have not already received a copy of the Law Society’s Privacy Notice explaining how my personal data will be managed during the investigation I can request a copy from the Society or can access a copy on the Law Society’s website.